Dear Ms. Berry,

After witnessing my own grandmother's cremation last Saturday (Aug 1st, 2009) I can honestly say that your photos have comforted me.

My grandmother (Rachel Davis) was an artist in life. A painter, an illustrator of funny cartoon characters and taught art in the public school system in the Washington D.C. area/USA. She made beautiful works of art out of simple things i.e., coat hangers, cans, etc and found beauty in all things and situations.

Some people found it odd that I wanted to see her cremation but there was beauty in that too...I saw them place her in the incenerator (after I kissed her for the last time) and now I see thru your lens what she must have looked like during the process.

Bones laid bare...beautiful.

Rene Edwards


I want to say how I enjoyed the interview that was featured in The Journal (ICCM)
My wife is a member of the institute and was a registrar at two crematoria in the West Midlands and I have witnessed the process that goes on behind the scene. There is certainly nothing sinister and relatives wishes were met when ever possible, I saw a hand written poem put in with the coffin when the coffin was charged, this was a specific request by the deceased ladies granddaughter and this wish was carried out. The work you have produced is very good considering you must have only had a spy hole to view through.
Finally may I say that I support your open house policy,

Neil Cross.
Neil Cross


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